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Direct Opt-in Email Marketing

Tired of paying for worthless traffic? For over nine years, eDemographic has specialized in opt-in email marketing, bringing its clients the best traffic available. Direct opt-in email eMarketing is the martini of marketing being quicker and more efficient than traditional advertising mediums and is the most effective new advertising medium of the 21st century. See why all of todays top corporations are using direct email eMarketing!

Our lists are 100% opt-in and every email address has been double verified and most importantly every person in our email database has expressed interest in the ads being sent to them. This means every person wants to receive the ads you send and will respond to them. Opt-in email marketing has proven itself as a cost-effective way to generate convertible traffic to any web site. With list rental pricing ranging from 5 to 25 cents per addressemail marketing makes sense compared to traditional mediums. Reaching millions has never been so affordable.

At eDemographic, we always put our clients first and have the most responsive opt-in email lists on the market for you. Our expert staff will guide you from their years of direct marketing experience to ensure your email campaigns will achieve your ROI goals and create Branding, Exposure & customers for your web site and business.

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